Thursday, August 11, 2011

Irish Blogger Gathering Episode IV: A New Hope

So, the offseason has been filled with all of the minutiae that comes with starting your own law practice, meaning that my blogging hobby has been on indefinite hiatus.  However, as one of the founding members of the Irish Blogger Gathering, I couldn't let my comrades in arms down, so I'm signed up for another season of blogging with the best of the Notre Dame blogs in the entire blogosphere.

This year's IBG lineup has changed somewhat.  We still have some of the hardened veterans returning to their starting positions, but there is also some talented youth pushing for some significant playing time.  Here's the list of this year's IBG blogs:

  • Subway Domer 
  • Her Loyal Sons 
  • One Foot Down 
  • UHND 
  • Irish Round Table 
  • Inside The Irish w/ Keith Arnold 
  • Domer Law 
  • We Never Graduate 
  • ND Tex
  • ND Football 2011 
I'll be hosting the USC IBG this year, which I expect to be the biggest game of the season.  Each week, the IBG will have a different host blog that will pose 4-6 thought provoking questions which the rest of the blogs will put their two cents in on.  All of the answers will be collected at the host blog for your reading pleasure.

Tomorrow, Her Loyal Sons will weigh in with the first set of preseason questions, so stay tuned for another exciting season of Irish football in the blogosphere.  Go Irish!