Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mmmmm.... Kool-Aid!

Even ESPN is starting to drink the Kool-Aid this year.

After an earlier post where I placed the Irish at 20th in the nation after spring ball, the pundits are starting to taste the "this team just may grow up" kool-aid that us ND fans have been gulping to help us through the offseason following 3-9.

Mark Schlabach, of ESPN, placed the Irish at 25 in his latest preseason rankings.

To put this in perspective, on Schlabach's rankings only two (2) Irish opponents are ranked ahead: #4 U$C, and #19 Pitt. Which means, if Schlabach's rankings held true to form, that the Irish would end the season at 10-2, or thereabouts.

And Schlabach isn't the only one coming around. Pat Forde's first note in his latest column:

1. Notre Dame will be better.
Perhaps improved enough to lose another bowl game. But part of the Fighting Irish fan base won't notice, because it'll be consumed with watching for Scourge of Humanity Ty Willingham to fail at Washington.

While it's not exactly a ringing endorsement (and of course has the obligatory shot at our recent bowl record - original stuff, Pat), it acknowledges what many around the program are starting to realize: That much talent will start to win sooner or later.

So scoff all you will, haters. But the truth will out.