Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best DT in the nation?

The NFL Combine is all about measurables, so let's see how Laws stacks up against his competition in this year's draft class:

(Note: All-everything over-hype machine Glenn Dorsey did not participate, so we'll have to wait until his pro days to see how he stacks up...)

MeasurableTrevor LawsSedrick EllisKentwan BalmerPat Sims
Tackles - 2007112585937
Bench Press35343320
40 yard dash5.
Vertical Leap30.5"--27"

No matter which way you slice it, Trevor is clearly the best all-around athlete among defensive tackles. He's stronger than anyone else, as fast or faster than everyone else, jumps higher than anyone else, and has more production on the field than anyone else. People sometimes knock his height, but he's half an inch taller than the highly touted Sedrick Ellis, who nobody knocks for his height.

In short, Trevor showed the world what I aleady knew - he's a monster. And because of the hype surrounding Ellis and Dorsey, some team is going to get Laws at a bargain price. Hell, anything outside of the top 10 picks is going to be a bargain.

I expect that Laws will only keep moving up the draft boards over the next couple of months, as his interviews and Wunderlich results can only help him - he did go to Notre Dame, after all, where he got a top-notch education. I'm curious to see Dorsey's Wunderlich score, being from LSU and all.

Either way, Laws has done his alma mater proud this weekend, as he has throughout his career. Best of luck to you, Trevor!