Friday, March 04, 2011

Notre Dame Draft: 20 years of Notre Dame Football

One of the projects currently underway in this, the slow season for college football, is the Notre Dame Draft - there are 6 blogs from across the Notre Dame blogosphere that are participating in a draft of the best Notre Dame players of the last 20 years. Once we each draft our teams, we'll post the teams and argue about who has the best team.

The blogs participating are:

Domer Law (me!)
Her Loyal Sons
Irish Illustrated
Subway Domer
We Never Graduate

Because the draft is ongoing via telecommunication technology (e-mail, text, etc.), it may take us a while to complete the full 28 rounds. However, I'm going to try to update this posting after each round to keep you up to date on where we are.

RoundOverall SelectionPlayerPositionSelector
11Rocket IsmailWRUHND
 2Brady QuinnQBDomer Law
 3Ricky WattersRBHer Loyal Sons
 4Bryant YoungDTWe Never Graduate
 5Jimmy ClausenQBSubway Domer
 6Chris ZorichNTIrish Illustrated
27Manti Te'oILBIrish Illustrated
 8Jeff BurrisSSubway Domer
 9Aaron TaylorOTWe Never Graduate
 10Justin TuckDEHer Loyal Sons
 11Jeff SamardzijaWRDomer Law
 12Todd LyghtCBUHND
313Jerome BettisRBUHND
 14Ryan HarrisOTDomer Law
 15Jeff FaineOCHer Loyal Sons
 16Michael FloydWRWe Never Graduate
 17Bobby TaylorCBSubway Domer
 18Golden TateWRIrish Illustrated
419Tom CarterCBIrish Illustrated
 20Luke Petitgout OTSubway Domer
 21Michael StonebreakerLBWe Never Graduate
 22Shane WaltonCBHer Loyal Sons
 23Mirko JurkovicOGDomer Law
 24Anthony WeaverDEUHND
525Bert BerryOLBUHND
 26Demetrius DuBoseLBDomer Law
 27Ron PowlusQBHer Loyal Sons
 28Renadlo WynnDEWe Never Graduate
 29Grant IronsDESubway Domer
 30Rick MirerQBIrish Illustrated