Friday, July 31, 2009

Passing the Bar

So, I've been spending quite a bit of time lately arguing sports at B-dubs downtown South Bend with my friend James from Real Deal Football. Today, I heard some of the most irrational arguments ever from one of the patrons.

So, I'm going to present these arguments to the blogosphere and see if anyone else out there (preferably someone capable of rational thought) is capable of defending these positions.

Irrational argument #1: Notre Dame will lose 5 games this year.

Actually, this guy said five, but then proceeded to claim that the Irish will lose to Nevada, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, USC, Boston College, Navy and Stanford. I count that as 8, but whatever. People with no rational thought apparently suck at math.
Nevada: "Notre Dame won't be able to score on them." Nevada ranked dead last in pass defense last year.
Michigan: "It's a pride game." Okay.
Michigan State: As I think this will be a good game, I'll leave it alone.
Purdue: "Notre Dame always loses to Purdue." Ummm, last I checked, ND won last year.
USC: Again, I'm not going to quibble with this one.
Boston College: "They'll win." Umm, great argument, bud.
Navy: "I always count on Navy every year to beat Notre Dame." Ummm... The most lopsided rivalry in college football?
Stanford: "I just think Stanford will win."

This guy is the king of argument, clearly.

Irrational argument #2: Arkansas will win the National Championship this year.

His only defense of this pick: "I looked at their recruiting." Forget that their recruiting has been ranked #16, #36, #31, #26, and #24 the last 5 seasons. Apparently, their recruiting has been so stellar that they will beat everyone else.

Irrational argument #3: Georgia will be ranked #4 in the nation by week 2.

To be fair, the preseason AP and USA Today/ESPN rankings aren't out yet. So I don't know how far the Bulldogs will have to jump up to get to #4, but based upon most of the preseason rankings in preview magazine, the Bulldogs will be sitting around 13. And to get to #4, there will have to be losses by several of the teams ahead of them.
Teams that would have to win in week 1 for this to happen? Charleston Southern (Florida), BYU (Oklahoma), Louisiana-Monroe (Texas), San Jose State (USC), Navy (Ohio State), Akron (Penn State).

Irrational argument #4: Lehigh-Lafayette is the 3rd best rivalry in college football.

Army-Navy. Michigan-Ohio State. Notre Dame-USC. Alabama-Auburn. Florida-Georgia. Oklahoma-Texas. Miami-Florida State.
Yes, it's the oldest rivalry in football. But he also lost several credibility points when he said, and I quote: "Third best rivalry? That one between Lehigh and someone else."
'Nuff said.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to the blogosphere!

A good friend of mine, and aspiring football coach, just started his new football blog, Real Deal Football. James is very knowledgeable and articulate, and we've had many a sports argument over beers. Please do me a favor and go check out his blog.

He'll be permanently linked on my sidebar, for future reference.