Thursday, April 26, 2007

Round 1 . . . Fight!

#1 Notre Dame Fightin' Irish

#16 Boston College Eagles

The Leprechaun

Description: A mighty pissed-off leprechaun with a golden dome to protect at the end of the rainbow.

Weapons: Usually just bare hands and pent-up fury. Sometimes they fight with a shillelagh, though.

Advantages: Very elusive - it is said that he cannot escape if you keep your eye on him, but the moment the eyes are withdrawn, he vanishes.
Cunning - he will outwit his opponents through trickery and obfuscation, often lulling them with their own greed
Camouflage - the green outfit is actually credited to their need to hide themselves from hostile humans.
Magic - it is unclear exactly what magical gifts leprechauns have, but the consensus seems to be that the magical abilities are used to aid their mischief by creating confusion in their enemy.

Disadvantages: Stature - actually one of the faerie folk of Irish mythology, they are very small in size.


Description: An American bald eagle.

Weapons: Two talons and a beak.

Advantages: Flight - the dive and retreat form of attack can really be annoying.

Disadvantages: Size - eagles are large for birds, but still are by their very nature lightweight, with weak bone structures.
Intelligence - they are base animals, with little more than instinct to guide them.

The Fight

The Eagle would swoop in, attempting to grab the Leprechaun with its talons and carry it away and peck it to death with its beak. The battle at first looks like it is going to plan, but when the eagle grabs the Lephrechaun and looks away, suddenly the cunning Leprechaun disappears and rematerializes on the back of the Eagle. As soon as the Eagle is close to landing, the Leprechaun viciously bludgeons the Eagle to death with his bare hands, having dropped his Shillelagh upon the initial attack.
Bruised and bloody, the Leprechaun emerges victorious.


The Leprechaun

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