Saturday, April 28, 2007

Condoms vs. Mustangs

#2 Southern Cal Trojans


#15 Southern Methodist Mustangs


Description: A citizen of the ancient city of Troy, one of the city-states in ancient Greece, located in modern Turkey. More specifically, the warriors of Troy that battled in the Trojan War as described in Homer's Iliad.

Weapons: Chariot and spear.

Advantages: Ancient military training, armor.

Disadvantages: Technology stuck in, at best, approximately 1100 BC.


Description: a feral horse living on the western or southwestern plains of the US

Weapons: Hooves

Advantages: hardiness, grace, and speed

Disadvantages: as an animal, only has instinct to rely on, cannot use strategy.

The Fight

This isn't much of a fight - the Trojans have superior weaponry, intelligence, and technology. Although a Trojan would be most likely to capture and train the mustang to pull his chariot, this is a battle to the death. The mustang, despite being angry and powerful, can't get close enough to the Trojan to do any damage. The Trojan uses his spear to stab the brave horse, until the poor mustang bleeds to death.

-sigh- Condoms, er, I mean, um, Trojans

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