Saturday, April 28, 2007

Quinn drafted by Cleveland Browns

I thought that would be the headline in today's draft, but the road to the pick was a rocky one.

The Cleveland Browns traded with the Dallas Cowboys for the 22nd overall pick, picking up the QB they passed on 3rd overall.

With Joe Thomas coming in to protect him, this is a great windfall for the Browns.

Brady is hurting right now, but he is going to be happy when his emotions settle down. This is the team he grew up rooting for, and Romeo Crennel will take care of the defense there, so he won't have to do it all himself like he did at ND.

The Browns made a tough call taking Joe Thomas over Brady Quinn with the 3rd pick, but it ended up that they got their 2nd choice anyway.

This is enough to sell me on the program.

Go Bears! Go Browns!

Beat Redskins!

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