Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The College Football World is on LSD... (or is it LSU? I'm so confused...)

Cal #3
South Florida (yes, South Florida, that's not a typo) #6 (again, not a typo)
Kentucky #8
Indiana 2/3 of the way to a bowl game at 4-1, with a win in Iowa City behind them. (GO HOOSIERS!!! -alma mater love spilling over-)
Michigan loses to Div. I-AA team.
Notre Dame still winless after five games, while Fredo flirts with the Top Ten (#7).
South Carolina at #11.
Hawaii at #16.

If there was ever a sign that the world is approaching the end of days, this is it.


There appears to be a trend in college football developing - teams that just seem to have another team's number.

Florida is a better football team than Auburn, but they couldn't beat them to save their lives. Stat, last two seasons: FLA vs. AUB: 0-2; FLA vs. EVERYONE ELSE: 17-0

Texas won a championship a scant two years ago, but they just suffered their second consecutive loss to Kansas freakin' State.

Indiana couldn't beat anyone three years ago, but they are well on their way to a bowl game, after beating Iowa. Again.

Last week Michigan State won their 6th straight at Notre Dame Stadium.

South Florida (yes, South Florida, that's not a typo) won their second straight over
a Top 10 ranked West Virginia.

These teams aren't better than the teams they are beating, but they are quickly becoming a perennial thorn in the side of their traditionally more successful opponents.

And very soon may spawn the creation of some of the more virulent rivalries in sport. (Think Notre Dame - Boston College... one team takes their only pleasure in ruining the aspirations of the object of their obsession). Like Notre Dame really needs another one of those rivalries. (BC, Purdue, Michigan State, enough is enough!!!)



I don't have the energy to talk about the continued ineptitude of the Irish (despite the strides this team took in the second half), so for a little while, please indulge me.

I'm switching this blog (for a couple of days at least) to an Indiana football blog.

That's right, folks, my heart (and liver) can't take much more of this Irish losing streak, so I'm climbing up onto the Hoosier bandwagon for a rest.

This team isn't getting much press (yet), but it will, especially when it works it magic against Michigan State in a couple of weeks to become bowl eligible.

They lost their head coach to a brain tumor in March, but they have rallied to show that they are a more competitive team than anyone gave them credit for. This team plays with passion for the memory of their coach, and Indiana hasn't been to a bowl game since 1993.

I love my Irish more than anyone (I got a friggin' tattoo on my arm, for cryin' out loud), but this year's team hasn't won a game.

My Hoosiers, with far lest talent, have been playing with heart and pride, and winning as a result.

Go Hoosiers! Beat the Gophers!

EDIT: This doesn't mean I'm giving up on the Irish, or somehow not being a Notre Dame fan, and if you took it that way, I apologize. I simply wanted to give some props to my alma mater, who is having unprecedented success (for them) this year. My Purdue roundup and UCLA preview will be forthcoming.


Hoss said...

ok I just have to say I am not fully with you on this one. Only beacause I figured out last night In my almost 30 years of existence my all time - I don't care how much trash people talk- I don't care if they win or lose- team is the Chicago Cubs has only been to the post-season 5 times including this year, so on average every 6 years the cubs make the playoffs. Now I am not going to try to claim any years beyond that because it would not be fair. I am only going to go with my 30 years and tell everybody I still love the Cubs. Now some of you maybe thinking well its easy to say it this year cause they are back in the playoffs. So what!!! I beleive that they can go to the world series this year and win it all. However, I am just waiting for this years billy goat to rear its ugly head. Anyway I am just saying win or lose I stand by my team. Now with that said am I happy to have an off year for ND!! Yep I said it. 2 reasons. #1 It teaches these freshman who are used to winning what being humble means. #2 Learning curve. Which means Jimmy C and the rest of the gang has a chance to learn the offense. The same with the other side of the ball. So in my mind give it time just like medicine it always works. These kids are learning alot this year. Go easy on them because it won't be another 6 years before ND makes a bowl game!!

Hoss said...

No apoligies needed from you needed I know you are a die hard just like me. This was more my frustrations being taken out on everybody who has abandoned the Irish so far. I was also just trying to show that "quit" should NEVER be allowed said from any true fan of any team. So I apologize to you Mr. Neil if you took my comments that way. Totally not my intention

Brendan said...


Just kidding. Though I can only imagine the comments from the ND Nation crowd if I said something similar on my blog.

Then again, I don't have a tattoo, so your Irish cred is definitely several levels above mine regardless of what you write on your blog. :)

Congrats on passing the bar, BTW!

Oh, and F*** THE BRUINS!!! (That's both sides of my "Irish Trojan" schizophrenia talking.)

Brendan said...

P.S. The link to my blog under "Southern Cal" on the schedule seems to be broken, BTW. Just FYI.

I would scold you for calling 'SC "Southern Cal," but I've taken to using that term myself in Tennessee, since people there think "USC" means South Carolina...