Wednesday, December 03, 2008

No confirmation as yet

While it has been widely reported by credible sources (Mike Frank of Irish Eyes, WNDU, South Bend Tribune) that Weis will return this year, the University is in no hurry to make such an announcement. According to WNDU:

Heisler did not confirm nor deny that Weis is returning. He reiterated what he said Tuesday night that the university would communicate when there is something to communicate. Phone calls to Swarbrick have not been returned.

So, while it looks like Charlie will return, I don't think that Weis' staff will remain in place.

Interesting that Swarbrick is on the West Coast. Know who else is on the west coast? Norm Chow, arguably the most qualified offensive coordinator in the game. Of course, this is more rampant speculation and conjecture on my part, and Chow just started his stint at UCLA. But the consensus seems to be that Weis needs an experienced college offensive coordinator to get this ship righted.

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