Sunday, November 30, 2008


Weis was supposed to be an "offensive genius" who would bring us a "decided schematic advantage."

We just amassed 91 total yards in a game against our biggest rival - only 9 of which came in the first half.

In year four of the Weis era.

Year four.

I was a Weis supporter for 3 and a half years of his tenure here, but the stretch of games starting with Boston College was the worst Notre Dame football I've seen since... the first 6 games of last year. Which was the worst I've seen since... ever.

Much like the end of the Willingham era, when the team seemed to be regressing, the Weis team seems to be regressing as well.

Unlike the end of the Willingham era, I have hope for the future. This roster is stacked, and if we quickly hire a top notch coach, the recruiting class coming in can be held together.

But Weis should resign. Now.

To be fair, USC's defense is tops in the country, and they had two weeks to prepare for the Irish. But Weis' own book is titled 'No Excuses.' This is our rival, and the program by which we should measure our success.

Paul Johnson came into Georgia Tech and beat their rival in year one. And lest you think that Notre Dame faced a tougher task last night, remember that Georgia was preseason #1. And Georgia Tech was a team in it's first year of installing a triple option attack.

Notre Dame was in year four, and couldn't get a first down, much less a win.

While the firings of Davie and Willingham hurt like breaking up with a girlfriend, this breakup feels more like a divorce. Weis has become an integral part of the Notre Dame family (despite the charges of his arrogance and abrasiveness), and is committed to the school and the community.

But this marriage just isn't working anymore.


Dekom said...

Grab a mop, a broom, and one of these guys:

Urban Meyer, UF. It was love once...and a repeat customer is your easiest sale. And if there is a promotion from a top tier program like UF, it's ND.

Brian Kelley, Cincy. Good record and won't put nearly so much stress on an office chair.

Mike Leach, TTech. ND is stocked w WR's but has trouble getting yards on a treadmill. So let's use the best offensive scheme for what we got.

Jeff Jagdssdcbcjdcvy, BC. Seems to enjoy beating ND.

Paul Johnson, GTech. Just turned water into wine at Tech, after walking on same at Navy.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone given any thought to Jim Grobe down at Wake Forest? I don't know a ton about him but it seems like he's done more with less than many other college coaches, and at an academically demanding school. And he's been there eight years so he's apparently not into hopping from school to school. He might offer some long-term stability. Just a thought. Like I said, I don't know more about him than what I could learn by a glance at his stats, so feel free to educate me otherwise.

Dekom said...

I'm down with Grobe.

Anonymous said...

Pat Fitzgerald (sp) at Northwestern. He wins with lesser talent, weak facilities, little crowd support, and with similar academic requirements. He is young and brings fire to his work.
It worked with Ara.
Jim Grobe has similar credentials.
Irish '68