Thursday, March 20, 2008

Step 2: Separating the wheat from the chaff

Now that I have a fairly exhaustive list of films, it's time to start eliminating some movies so I have a more manageable list to work with. I'm limiting each category or subcategory to 3 films (except college football, as this is a college football blog - they get an extra film), so some worthy films aren't going to make the cut.

Below are my eliminations for football and their justifications. The other categories will follow, as there are several films I still need to watch. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and start defending your favorites - this list is still fluid and up for debate.


High School
Varsity Blues
Friday Night Lights
Remember the Titans
Little Giants: A little too campy, and lacking a real emotional pull or enough legendary comic moments to make the cut. Plus, Rick Moranis always gave me the creeps
Gridiron Gang: I liked this film, but it doesn't get to that next level that the remaining films do.
Radio: This was the toughest of these films for me to cut, and it had some basketball along with the football, giving it a multiple sport bonus. But it was fairly close to Remember the Titans in type of film, and I felt (completely subjectively) that Remember the Titans was a little more impactful.

College / Amateur
The Program
Knute Rockne: All-American
We Are Marshall
The Waterboy: Great comedy, but simply doesn't stack up to the other films - heck, the one-liners from The Program are more memorable.
The Longest Yard: I expect to get some flack for this one, as it is a cult classic, but I just didn't feel attached to this film or it's remake when I watched them.
Necessary Roughness: Much like the Waterboy, there was too much camp and not enough substance here...

Any Given Sunday
Brian's Song
Jerry Maguire
The Last Boy Scout: Football isn't central enough to this great film for it to make the cut.
Invincible*: I still haven't watched this film, but it never seemed to generate the buzz of the films left on the list.
The Replacements: I liked the Replacements, which I watched the evening after my previous post, and enjoyed it. But in the larger scheme of things, it felt like a cheap knock-off hybrid of Any Given Sunday and Necessary Roughness.


Anonymous said...

Your highschool list is missing Wildcats and is therefore completely invalid.

Anonymous said...

and wait, what about All the Right Moves?

Wacko said...

Where were you during the previous post, anonymous?

I'll take a look at Wildcats and All the Right Moves and see if they surpass any of the three films that made the cut.

Thanks for the input!