Thursday, March 20, 2008

Step 2 continued: Hoops Edition


High School

Basketball Diaries
Finding Forrester

Love & Basketball: This is a great love story not only about the love between the main characters, but also a love story about their love of the game. It's worth watching, but didn't make the cut.
Teen Wolf: One of the campiest films of all time, I almost left it in the top 3 for the memorable cisual of Michael J. Fox in a cheap werewolf costume flying through the air with a basketball. Then I woke up.
Coach Carter*: Too formulaic and straight Hollywood-true-story to really get consideration - it's really a thinly veiled remake of Lean On Me. It's still worht watching, and I can't help but enjoy Samuel L. Jackson, one of the great actors of our day.

College / Amateur

Glory Road
He Got Game
Blue Chips

Semi-Pro*: I hate Will Ferrell with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. I refuse to include any of his useless sports films in my list.
White Men Can't Jump: The last one out, in tourney lingo, white men can't jump was a very good film, but didn't quite measure up to it's closest rival - He Got Game.
The Air Up There*: A ridiculous premise prevented this film from ever getting off the ground.
The Sixth Man*: Disney didn't capture any magic with this one, falling well short of the bar it set with Remember the Titans. Plus, it got negative points for depicting the school that currently employs the former Notre Dame head football coach that shall not be named.


Celtic Pride
Space Jam

A disappointing list of films for the professional category, I'm not sure I'd include any of them on a great sports movie list. But all three make the cut by default. (I previously had Blue Chips mistakenly categorized as pro, when it is a college b-ball movie)


Kris said...

Aw c'mon no "Fish That Saved Pittsburgh"? A Classic that should be on everyones list!

Anonymous said...

you have absolutely no taste, and couldn't pick a good movie if it kicked you "sqwa in da NUTS!!!" Also Will Ferrell is the funniest man in movies right now!! Blasphemy!!!

Wacko said...

The fact that Will Ferrell is the funniest man in movies right now is a depressing and downright embarassing indictment of the sad state of both movies and comedy.

KentAllard said...

Bravo on the Will Ferrell opinion. Couldn't agree more. One omission: "O" which recasts Othello in the context of a modern high school basketball flick.

Anonymous said...

a movie for Baseball that you need to watch is *61. directed by Billy Crystal.