Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jacobson's bogitry swept under the rug.

I just spent the last half an hour surfing the internets attempting to find some reports about the profanity-filled attack on Notre Dame and christianity that a Belvedere vodka-swilling Dana Jacobson apparently unleashed at the Mike & Mike roast last weekend.

However, that "paragon of integrity" over there in Bristol (ESPN) has apparently quickly and efficiently swept the incident under the rug. They've thus far been successful in preventing any video from the event from surfacing, and have strong-armed their mainstream media buddies into not reporting on the incident. Even the suits at ESPN have already forgiven and forgotten - Jacobson was not fired or even publicly denounced for her rant.

Pardon the language, but according to the few blog and newspaper reports that I have found, Jacobson (a Michigan alum) apparently thought it was OK to roast Mike and Mike by saying "Fuck Notre Dame," "Fuck Touchdown Jesus," and even just "Fuck Jesus." It amazes me not only that the powers that be over at ESPN haven't picked up on this, but also that the Christian Right hasn't signed on to denounce her slurs at their Lord and Savior.

But apparently, since the slurs were aimed at the Catholics, they just don't really care that much.

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