Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jacobson's bigotry swept under the rug.

I just spent the last half an hour surfing the internets attempting to find some reports about the profanity-filled attack on Notre Dame and christianity that a Belvedere vodka-swilling Dana Jacobson apparently unleashed at the Mike & Mike roast last weekend.

However, that "paragon of integrity" over there in Bristol (ESPN) has apparently quickly and efficiently swept the incident under the rug. They've thus far been successful in preventing any video from the event from surfacing, and have strong-armed their mainstream media buddies into not reporting on the incident. Even the suits at ESPN have already forgiven and forgotten - Jacobson was not fired or even publicly denounced for her rant.

Pardon the language, but according to the few blog and newspaper reports that I have found, Jacobson (a Michigan alum) apparently thought it was OK to roast Mike and Mike by saying "Fuck Notre Dame," "Fuck Touchdown Jesus," and even just "Fuck Jesus." It amazes me not only that the powers that be over at ESPN haven't picked up on this, but also that the Christian Right hasn't signed on to denounce her slurs at their Lord and Savior.

But apparently, since the slurs were aimed at the Catholics, they just don't really care that much.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem to make much sense with one of the "Mike"s (Golic) having a son about to enroll and on the football team.

Why would he have condoned, or even allowed a) profanity on the air; b) profanity aimed at Notre Dame; and c) the opportunity to be targeted for his lack of backbone on not challenging her, or getting her off the air, or at least d) being vocal about his complaint?

Clashmore said...

it was at a roast...the whole point of roasts is to be offensive, shocking and abusive.

Anonymous said...

While I absolutely loathe ESPN and will look for any reason whatsoever to denounce the conglomeration they have on sports in this country, I have to agree with clashmore in that the sole purpose of a "roast" is to be as offensive, shocking and abusive as humanly possible. Unfortunately, they get a pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone over 21 even watch ESPN anymore? They died as a reputable franchise long ago. Note that:

a) be proud that representatives of ND don't find themselves in humilating situations like this, but Michigan fans do.

b) its enough that Jacobson was drunk on camera (which is cool at a roast if you're a comedian, actor or rock star - not if you're a professional journalist), but the fact she went maybe too far (ripping a religion) and has to face her ND co-workers has to be the ultimate humiliation.

c) she may have a drinking problem (which is no joke), so its possible she has bigger issues other than embarrassing herself in front of co-workers. She might need help, not the ire of Irish fans.

PLAC2D said...

Was Jesus being roasted??

Fuck Jacobson!
Fuck ESPN!
Fuck Michigan!!

hoss said...

I agree with the last comment from Plac2d. Even for a roast of Mike and Mike and knowing that Golic went to ND, ND wasn't the one being roasted Mike and Mike were. The issue is that she focused those comments on ND, not at either one of the Mikes. Sure it was pointed at Golic, but do we know if she said f#ck the Jets, f#ck Chad Pennington? Or was this just really bad taste and poor judgement from a michigan fan?

crusader said...

It will be swept under the rug. She a jewish woman will be treated like Michael Irving and Charles Barkley, they can say anything. If it was a white catholic man making statements about jews or blacks or muslims he would be fired. look at what espn did to steve psycho lyons for his comment about latino's. He wasn't drunk just a stupid joke. She should be removed permently. There is a clear double standard in this country.

Ted Eberle said...

It was a roast of Mike and Mike. IT WAS NOT A ROAST OF NOTRE DAME OR CATHOLICISM. That is why Jacobson's comments were totally inappropriate. She represented ESPN, and their response (to no surprise) has been weak and incomplete.

toolfan666 said...

maybe the catholics were busy molesting children rather than watching the roast. GO BLUE! FUCK CATHOLICS! FUCK JESUS! FUCK NOTRE DAME! HAIL SATAN!

Anonymous said...

For some time it's been clear that two sets of rules exist in this country: one for the Goyim and one for God's Pets. The latter, being well represented in the legal profession and the mass media, write the rules for both.

What do you think would happen if a Catholic sports reporter insulted the Self-Chosen, however playfully? Do you think he would have a job working anywhere but at the local 7-11? Or would he be subjected to a public auto de fe by Abe Foxman and the ADL?

Anonymous said...

Um, I guess none of you have noticed the people who demonstrated outside of ESPN or the fact that Dana was suspended for a week and she had to make an apology?

I know why you hate ESPN… cause all your games are on NBC and you THINK that they have a good TV production. Wait until you see what real college football is like, oh, that's right, you're too bull-headed to admit that right now, Notre Dame is in a real "re-building" phase.

And to think that I'm part of the same Irish group as all of you AND work at the "EVIL" empire. WHOA