Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ironic as it may be

This team has actually benefited from the games this year in which they fell behind early. You see, this team has the look of someone who has been here before. Someone who got knocked down and has gotten up off the mat before.

This team weathered the early storm of emotion, when LSU looked like they would roll, but Coach Weis made some adjustments, the defense settled down and realized that Ja'Marcus Russell isn't the god the media made him out to be. The offense continued to run their game, and all of a sudden the Irish are tied back up.

they just got beat for another deep pass, but the difference between last year and this year is that we caught him and dragged him down before scoring, forcing LSU to earn their score.

And on 1st down, we stopped 'em. Even if they get a score here, (which they just did on a Russell QB draw) we have shown we can hang with this team. In fact, I expect that in the second half, we'll correct the problems in covering Early Doucet, and I think we just might win this game in the end.

A couple of things we need to stay on top of - we need a linebacker in the middle of the field playing a short zone and spying on Russell. Russell doesn't have the speed to get to the edge, but if he gets his load moving up the field, it's like trying to tackle a fullback.

Second, as stated above, we need to contain Early Doucet and force the LSU team to dink and dunk their way down the field. If they don't continue to get the big plays, we will outscore them.

Third, we need to feed the Tigers a steady diet of Darius Walker, seasoned to perfection with a splash of Aldridge and a pinch of Prince. Walker is already over 100 yards, and he is the lubricant that greases the wheel of our passing game. In fact, the last second drive I'm watching right now is classic Brady Quinn. I think this is great practice for the end of the game, when he's going to pull a glorious win out with one of his majestic last minute touchdown drives.

End of 1st half: Notre Dame 14, LSU 21

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