Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Series

Kick return goes for a touchback, and Brady leads the team out for the first series. Now is the time to get off to a quick start.

Good decision, threw it away after trying to run a doble screen. A little cheeky for my taste, but it does keep LSU's defensive line from pinning their ears back.

Come back with a dump off, goes for 9 yards, 3rd and short. Smart use of the pressure, show max protect, Darius peels into the flat, pressuring the middle.

TT in at running back, gets the first down. Nice play call.

No gain in our first run with Walker. We can't attack the middle of their line too much. We need to attack the edge a little.

2nd and 10 - close coverage, nearly interference (probably interference on review).

3rd and long, not what we want for the drive. But, nice pitch and catch from Brady to Jeff. Late flag. Stupid call. A little jawing should not pull a flag this early. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Still, it's a first down.

On first, end around to Jeff, nice block by Brady, but I don't like the call. A little cheeky again. No call on the facemask. Refs are being influenced by the crowd.

Darius gets a nice run on the draw. I expect this to be fairly effective all day.

Dropped pass on 3rd down by Freeman, forced to punt. Good call, poor execution by Freeman, not making them pay for the blitz.

STUPID STUPID STUPID... Fake punt, totally did not surprise LSU. Give up field position, momentum, everything. Could be a gamechanger.

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