Sunday, December 03, 2006

Interesting Potential Bowl Matchups

The “I wish the field would open up and swallow both teams” Bowl:
Champs Sports Bowl: Boston College v. Purdue (I’m only teasing, Bek)

The “How the mighty have fallen” Bowl:
Alamo Bowl: Previously ranked #2 Texas (#17) v. Previously ranked #13 Iowa (unranked)

The “How the mighty have really fallen” Bowl:
Emerald Bowl: Florida State vs. UCLA

The “How the mighty have really really plummeted, I mean taken a complete nose dive and shouldn’t even be in a bowl game because they have a losing record against division I-A” Bowl:
MPC Computers Bowl: Nevada vs. Miami (FL)

The Directional School Bowls: Bowl: East Carolina vs. South Florida
Motor City Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Middle Tennessee

The “I’m 1 yard short of the BCS and I end up here?” Bowl:
Texas Bowl: Rutgers v. Kansas State

The “We’re so happy we didn’t hire you” Bowl:
Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Florida

The “Let’s do this again sometime” bowl:
National Championship Game: Michigan v. Ohio State

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