Saturday, October 14, 2006


Halfway through the season is a great time to take a minute to assess where the rankings are at this point in the season. Before I get a bunch of comments complaining that there is no way Rutgers/Boise State is better than [insert 1-loss team here], please keep in mind that I'm ranking teams first by record, then by merit. If I were ranking by who I think is the better team, Notre Dame would be third. But then I'd be immolated by SC fans who would get their panties in a bunch 'cause they are undefeated.

1. Michigan (6-0)
2. Ohio State (6-0)
3. Southern Cal (6-0)
4. West Virginia (6-0)
5. Louisville (6-0)
6. Rutgers (6-0)
7. Boise State (6-0)
8. Notre Dame (5-1)
9. Texas (5-1)
10. Tennessee (5-1)
11. Georgia Tech (5-1)
12. Arkansas (6-1)
13. Auburn (6-1)
14. Florida (6-1)
15. California (6-1)
16. Wisconsin (6-1)
17. Clemson (6-1)
18. Oregon (5-1)
19. Pittsburgh (6-1)
20. Boston College (6-1)
21. Missouri (6-1)
22. Nebraska (6-1)
23. Texas A&M (6-1)
24. Wake Forest (6-1)
25. San Jose State (4-1)

Overall, there are a lot of teams that are seriously flawed, and only Michigan and Ohio State have shown themselves to be great complete teams at this point. Southern Cal is an overwhelming collection of talent, but an underwhelming team, with close wins over mediocre Pac-10 teams. Texas and Notre Dame are great but inconsistent. West Virginia and Louisville would get killed by anyone else in the top 15 on a neutral field, but they don't play anyone worthwhile, and one of them will go undefeated. Georgia Tech is a one-trick pony. Arkansas/Auburn/Florida/Tennessee are all classic SEC teams, very good all-around teams, but not great at anything.

Prediction revision:
Looking again at the remaining teams and games, I think that at the end of the season it will be the winner of the Ohio State - Michigan game versus the winner of the SC/ND game for the championship. The Big East will have a fit when their undefeated darling gets left out, especially if in favor of a 1-loss team.

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