Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Charlie reads my blog!

OK, so I'm deluded. However, Coach Weis may have seen the same thing in his quarterbacks that I've seen this past week.

Charlie said the following this past weekend when asked about his confidence in playing one of his backups should something happen to Brady Quinn:
"There's two different mentalities . . . One mentality is finishing the game and the other mentality is building the game plan around a player. So they are two different things. One is you have a game plan and now you're putting somebody in to run that game plan. The other one is you lose the first guy and now you've got to play the guy that gives you the best chance of winning. And the answer might not be the same guy. It might be, but it might not be, because they are two totally different situations. So when you're looking at a backup quarterback you've got to look at two situations. One is a guy is out for four plays 'cause he's dinged, and the other one is the guy's hurt and he's going to be gone for a while. And you know, we've still got to win the game. You can't throw in the towel because your quarterback gets hurt. Obviously, no matter where you go, when your first quarterback goes out, there's going to be a big dropoff to the second one. But the teams that are most prepared are the ones that usually can handle that and don't turn it into a complete crisis. I mean, knock on wood, nobody wants anything happening to them. But those are the two different scenarios you have. And they are two totally different scenarios. I have to find the answers to both of those questions. It might be one guy, it might be two guys."

As I stated earlier this week, Evan Sharpley looks like the kind of guy you can put in the game to execute the offense and not lose the game. However, if (God forbid) anything should happen to Brady, right now it looks like Zach Frazer is the kind of player you can build a game plan around and send in there to win the next game. I think that Coach Weis has seen some of that in practice, and depending on what happens during the next few practices, may have two backup quarterbacks depending upon the situation.

The football intelligence of Coach Weis is astounding. His encyclopedic knowledge of the situations a team can face and his meticulous preparation make me believe that we will get to the point where Notre Dame ought to be - that is, competing every year for the national championship regardless of injuries, setbacks, and other unforseen circumstances. Because under Coach Weis, there is no such thing as an unforseen circumstance.

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