Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Expert Analysis (No, Really, It's not me...)

Yesterday, as I was attempting to scarf down a lunch during my 45-minute break between classes, none other than former Notre Dame football player Bobby Brown sits done a couple seats away from me. Another student stopped to ask him about the game this Saturday, and so I thought I would share his insightful analysis of ND's chances this week against the Condoms of Southern Cal.

His first point was that the key to this game will be which offense will be able to control the clock and keep the other offense off of the field. He thinks that Notre Dame will edge out the Trojans in this category. (Due to my obsession, I was able to share with Bobby the fact that the Irish are #1 in the country in time of possession).

Edge: Irish

His next point is that the elements will play a factor in this game. The Trojans haven't played anywhere but balmy, dry weather thus far, having played games in Southern Cal and Arizona thus far. When they come to town this week, the forecast is 54 degrees and sporadic showers for the game, with cooler temps as the game wears on. The precipitation will slow down the Condom's speedsters, and the cool temps will be a bit of a shock for the Southern Cal pretty boys. Wind won't be as much of a factor, but this definitely plays into the Irish game plan.

Edge: Irish

Finally, Bobby's last comment was that the ND defense will be much improved this week, and both teams' attempts to control the pace will result in a lower scoring game, and not the shootout that the experts are predicting. With the Weis offense, a lower scoring game plays in our favor, as this offense is quite possibly the most consistent unit in all of college football, whereas the Trojan's offense has lived and died by their ability to explode for points over a short period of time.

Edge: Irish

I pushed Bobby for a score prediction, but he wouldn't get too specific. The one thing that he kept repeating throughout the conversation was:

Notre Dame by 10.

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