Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not the first time...

After the Senior night loss (to UConn) this year:
Jimmy Clausen gets into a fight outside of CJ's Pub

After the Senior night loss (to Syracuse) last year:
Jimmy Clausen tries to pick a fight inside CJ's Pub last year

There's a pattern of behavior here, and this year's incident shows me that Jimmy Clausen has not matured as I thought he would. Apparently, he's trying to make a ritual of getting into fights after the end of year Senior night beatdown.

Jimmy Clausen clearly possesses the physical tools to be a great quarterback. But he lacks the intangibles. And it's those intangibles that put us at 6-5 in year 3 of Jimmy Clausen. He's selfish, arrogant, and I'm actually hoping he goes pro. I no longer want him associated with our program.

Dayne Crist has, since he stepped onto campus, had all of the intangibles that Jimmy Clausen has been lacking, but his physical ability was raw and in need of development. After two years riding the pine, he should be ready to step up to the plate next year and lead this team.


Anonymous said...

I'd like a retraction:

Wacko said...

I will issue no such retraction.

I'm not sure what ESPN's sources are that say it was an irate fan who sucker punched him.

My sources say that Jimmy was talking smack with someone (consistent with what he did last year). I've heard conflicting reports about whether it was about a girl or about football. However, the consensus appears to be that Jimmy shoved the other guy, who then decked him.

This whole "irate fan" thing is spin and unsupported by facts.

Unless ESPN produces something resembling evidence, I'm going to stick with the assertion that Jimmy is an arrogant prick and a hothead and it's all his fault.

Wacko said...


In what sounds like the most reasonable series of events, the South Bend Tribune reported better details on the incident:


As you can see, this is not an irate fan punching Jimmy because we lost the game. It's drunken stupidity at a bar.

Of course, I don't really buy the whole "we were going back for her purse at 2 a.m." bit. They were coming back to drink and hang out. Just like last year.

Wacko said...

South Bend Tribune

This link should work better.

think it through said...

All the people whining about Clausen need to open their eyes and realize that he is in the top 5 players on this team. There should be at least 40 other problems on the list of issues with this team before you could even possibly get to any issue you could name with Clausen. Excited for Dayne? Because he's more of a rah rah guy? There's alot of "great leaders" out there who suck at actually performing. If you're not crazy, you should want Clausen back for next year. Its not going to happen, but you shouldn't be so excited for a unproven (but with such 'rah rah' potential!) redshirt soph to take over for the best QB this team has had in a long time.

Anonymous said...

First off, your blogpost has just as much spin and significantly more unsubstantiated rumor than the espn article.

Second, it's posts like the above that actually have me embarrassed to be a Notre Dame fan/alum for the first time, ever.

Yes, the team couldn't get it done on the field. The Charlie Weis era ended in failure. As a result, adult fans of all ages are personally attacking 19-23 year old kids who have given their heart to the program. Buying a ticket or having a blog somehow makes this okay?

Spare yourself the effort of justifying it-- the bottom line is that these kids took a big chance on ND and Charlie Weis when they signed with a failing program. We were ecstatic that they took that chance. They did a big part to turn that program around and came up short for a variety of reasons. It is beyond hypocritical for ND fans to now try to throw them under the bus because things didn't go the way we hoped they would.

Instead of trying to screw them over now that their ND careers are over, we should count ourselves lucky that they signed with us in the first place-- especially given the way we, the fans, have rewarded them. For obvious reasons, I can only hope that current recruits aren't reading this and other blogs like it...

Anonymous said...

I no longer want you associated with "our" program.

Anonymous said...

This ain't the other Anonymous, in case that's not obvious.

The Tribune article more closely matches reality as I recognize it. I live in South Bend, and I know multiple people who have had run-ins with Clausen in public. He's a belligerent, pampered little shit, and that much was perfectly obvious from the moment he first simpered his way into the CFHS four years ago. His girlfriend likely bumped into someone, Clausen's drunk ass blew a gasket about it thinking that the guy would back down, and the dude kicked his ass instead.

The "suckerpunch" story makes no goddamn sense at all when you consider who the clientele is at CJs: Notre Dame football players, Notre Dame fans, and *South Bend Police Officers*. Not exactly the safest environment to be in if you're wanting to attack a player. The Trib story makes much more sense.

Anonymous said...

You are an embarrassment for sure! This is the last time I will be reading your terrible blog.

Anonymous said...

agree with most of the comments. stuff here is drivel.

Anonymous said...

I believe if you look at this incident in light of the others in which JC has been involved & admittedly guilty over the years since his matriculation, you will see there IS a disturbing pattern. JC is NOT a good QB despite the numbers indicating otherwise. Yes, he can pass well, but his overall ability as a QB is suspect. As a former coach, I see many things that make me NOT like him overall. I have felt that Dayne is far better one to lead ND in the face of adversity. Note Crist's 2 drives when Jimmy went down injured. Both led to scores. Jimmy will jump ship because it's in Jimmy's interest to do so due to the salary limits looming in 2011 for rookies. Jimmy is NOT ready for the NFL & he will NOT be successful there for some time if EVER. Jimmy is for Jimmy. If Crist recovers completely, he will be the type of QB we have needed for some time. Not the pinpoint passer of Jimmy & not the uptight pocket presence of BQ. DC is a "get it done" type like Farve without his arm. With the right coach, we'll win games.

Anonymous said...

you're a dope.

Wacko said...

I could care less if any of the people here read my blog. I do this for my own amusement, not to make you people happy.

I knew this post would upset people, just as I knew last year's post would. But as Anon 6:34 recognizes, and anyone who lives in or around South Bend knows, Clausen is not some poor kid that everyone should feel sorry for.

He chose this spotlight, and then proceeded to act like an entitled brat. Everything I've said in this post and last year's post is true.

Was I wrong for reminding him we lost to Syracuse last year? Probably. But that doesn't mean he should blow a gasket and try to kick my ass. I was drunk, and a little rude. His reaction was over the top.

Also, if you're going to attack someone, at least put your name to it. Anonymous blog commenters who act like they are somehow morally superior crack me the hell up.

Jack said...

Still a dope.

Hal said...

So let me get this straight:

You write this stuff for your own amusement, yet you post it on the Web with a comments section?

You were a drunk adult who taunted a college student and the college student's reaction to the taunt is the problem?

Lastly, you are making generalizations about Clausen's maturity level, based on a 15 second interaction with him after a very bad loss?

I mean really?

WeisGipper said...

Dude, get your facts straight! As a lawyer, you should know better. Heck were you even there?

Dan said...

You and this blog are a complete embarrassment to Our Lady's University. He's a college student and you’re (supposed to be) a grown man. In the comments last year you said you would have deserved it if JC had beat your ass. I couldn’t agree more. Please leave blog writing to those who truly care about the University and go back to your village - I'm sure they're missing their idiot.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Clausen is not Notre Dame, Dan.

Wacko said...

I don't know where you guys are getting this big difference between me the "grown man" and Jimmy the "college student."

I'm only a few years older than Jimmy. I'm not some 50-year-old guy who trolls around bars looking for college students to mess with. I just graduated from law school 2 years ago, and a good portion of my friends are still students.

And if Jimmy chooses to act like an idiot in public, I'm going to call him out on it.

I never said I wasn't drunk and a little rude. But somehow, you all think that I'm the bad guy here, when he was the one threatening to kick my ass?

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