Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All In.

The closer we get to the game this weekend, the more that it feels like an epic turning point for the program.

A record number of recruits is coming for the game - more than anyone can recall, including 19 of the nation's top juniors.

We haven't beaten the boys from Southern Cal since Pete Carroll's first year.

Clausen's Heisman campaign is make or break in this game.

Our shot at the BCS Championship, in critical condition and not expected to pull through, could get a shot in the arm by a big win.

Certainly, our chances of playing in a BCS game probably hinge on this game.

Weis' career as head coach at the University of Notre Dame may be decided by the outcome of this game.

I know I speak for many Notre dame fans around the country when I say we've had enough.

This is the time, and this is the team. If ever there was a crystal clear moment where we are being given the opportunity to rise up and give glory to Notre Dame, the moment is now.

Remember Catholics vs. Convicts? I think this is bigger.

Sure, #1 vs. #2 is a sexier matchup. But this is a program that is on the verge of fading into mediocrity. Many people have already written the Irish off as a has-been program. We've developed a reputation for rolling over against elite competition.

This is the time, and this is the team.

If you want Notre Dame to regain it's place as an elite team, THIS is the game where we do so.

Respect? Recruiting? Coaching? National awards? Championships?

We've reached a turning point, the proverbial fork in the road.

It's time to go all in. Win, and your back at the top. Lose, and you're back to square one as a program.

I'm all in. Are you?


Anonymous said...

Though I have often agreed with what you have written, I disagree with the extremes in this post. To say a loss to USC places the Irish back at square one is absolutely incorrect. You also say we have to win to have a possibility at a BCS Bowl. While that may be correct, a 10-2 Irish team might still stand a chance of making it to the BCS. After this Saturday, we have half the season to play, and that is true for many of the top teams.

Irish Right said...


With a loss to SC we will NOT make a BCS bowl. Just look at where a 1 loss Irish team stands today. In prior years we would have been just on the outside of the top 10 with that lone loss. As it is, we've barely made it into the top 25. A second loss puts us in a mid-tier bowl.

Anonymous said...

Let's leave all that talk to sunday morning quarterbacking. I'm in! ND has to win for all of those reasons. I can taste it. I can feel it. I want it! Go ND! Beat the Trojans!!