Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm getting lei'd!

For those of you that haven't heard, earlier this week an enterprising student successfully arranged for about 10,000 leis to be handed out before this weekend's game, in an attempt to show Manti Te'o, the stud 5-star linebacker from Hawai'i, how much we want him to come play for us at Notre Dame.

The University got wind of this, and sent out an e-mail discouraging the students from going through with their plan. Apparently, it could possibly be construed as "publicizing" Te'o's visit, which is against NCAA rules.

However, those rules apply to the University, and not individuals.

So, I'm going out to buy some leis tonight to wear at the game on Saturday. (Where does one go to buy leis in November in South Bend?) Preferably green ones.

I encourage anyone else who is going to the game to do the same. Subway Domer claims that there will be leis available at Gate E before the game, so I encourage you to swing buy and pick yours up.


Sarah said...

There are actually a fair number of places to get leis in South Bend - I would start at Hobby Lobby. Just look in the party section of the store. Otherwise, there used to be a paper store in that mall (down toward Old Country Buffet) where I purchased leis in January for a jungle juice party a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...,0,5053562.story

Anonymous said...

"So, I'm going out to buy some leis tonight to wear at the game on Saturday."

since you only attend the law school, the rules don't apply to you - you are neither a student nor an alumnus.