Monday, November 10, 2008

Guest Blogging: Hoss rants about ND football


If you need depends instead of underwear quit coming to the game! It is all of you old codgers, why ND stadium is not a scary place to play any more. If the only time you stand up is because the person if front of you stood up, so you cant see you need to not come anymore. If you want to try and correct this problem and actually start cheering like you did when you were a student, look at VA tech. VA tech has got it right.


Season Tickets are not a status symbol! I really don’t care how much money you make or how much you gave to the university. The fact is you are not a bigger or better fan than I am, because you can give my annual income, to ND. Also if you think you deserve tickets because you do, might I suggest you moving your family to the east coast and start attending Ivy League football games between Harvard and Yale. They don’t stand up and cheer as often as I do during games, and I won’t be blocking your view anymore. Plus I hear instead of pop and hot dogs for concessions they serve tea and crumpets. Also for people that have certain problems they also serve bran and prunes.


Quit trying to jump off the band wagon when we do lose! College football this year has been nuts. Preseason polls had Clemson in top 10. Penn state was barley in the top 25. Georgia was #1. The only preseason top 25 we have played and lost to is Pitt, and we took them to 4 OT’s. Are other losses are to teams in/around top 25 now. We were 3-9 last year. Anytime that a team improves from one year to the next is successful. Sure we have not made leaps and bounds as far as record goes, but we have in recruiting. When was the last time ND could say we have top 10 recruiting 2 or 3 years in a row? Think about this Joe Montana’s son, Nate is 4th string. Think about that, really think about that.


People who think ND is better than every other college football team, just because it’s ND. Are you people kidding me? Really? News flash…No we are not! Sure we have a lot more history than other schools, and sure maybe we wrote the book on college football, but we are not the all time leader in wins anymore, or in winning percentage. Quit living as if Knute Rockne himself is going to make a special appearance at the next game. The Gipper, Rockne, and the 4 horseman can not help us anymore. I am not saying forget their spirit, please continue to believe that they are with us because they are, I am just saying the game since then has changed.


Give coach Weis a chance! Since we are a community that lives in the past, we should all remember what condition Willingham left this team. Sure Weis had a great season, then good, then bad, but this year is not ugly. Something else you rich alumnus should relate to the stock market. Willingham most likely sensing his firing, (where did he get that notion, oh sure all of you told him,) acted spiteful and did not do anything to help before his final year in recruiting. Only 6 lineman in total in his years led to 58 sacks last year, and starting a true freshman at QB also his fault for not trying to bridge the gap, like all other major program coaches do. You can’t tell me that if we would have a junior starting last year which makes a senior this year and juniors and seniors for an o-line last year would we have gone 3-9. So with all of that said lets see what has happened since coach Weis took over. Top recruiting classes, a sophomore qb that has grown under his tutelage, and oh yeah even with this so so season it looks like we have another top 10 class coming in next year. Anyway just like the stock market the bottom fell out and it’s trying to work itself back up. If all of you richer than god alumnus, are going to fire him please don’t tell him before all of the recruits are signed and are on board. So that way the next coach has at least a chance around here.

Last couple of notes.

It is always darkest before the dawn. I believe that the darkest was last year and it is just early morning for ND football right now. Next season and beyond will be sunny afternoons.

When you point a finger at someone, three are pointing back at you. What’s wrong with ND football alumni? All of you point to coaching which means three fingers are pointing back at you. 1st finger, in my opinion means not standing behind the team and cheering them on to victory, believe it or not athletes live off the energy of the crowd. 2nd finger not giving coach Weis a chance before he starts to feel the pressure, let that man do his thing, let him get a full class through before you all let him go. 3rd finger, making coach Weis feel that a 14 point lead is good enough and that he should play conservative the rest of the game. Running up the score is classified as 5x or 6x to 0 as a final score. When the score is 28-14 getting another score is called putting the game away. Another score after that is still ok because all it means is leaving no doubt. But I am telling you that Coach Weis is afraid to do that because all of you put it in his head that ND has class, and we still would at 42-14. That is just beating someone soundly! Which we have not done in a LONG time. Because of you!!

Lastly, I want to say this, I don’t care who I made angry by writing this. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I believe these things needed to be said and sometimes hearing the truth hurts. Also, there will be more nastiness from me. Trust me someone needs to call the players to the carpet, and without pressuring him with his job, Coach Weis needs to be called out, along with the rest of the coaching staff. Again, is this easy for me to sit back and write? Absolutely. Do I think I am better then all of you? No. Do I think I can do a better job than Coach Weis? No. I am just the guy telling all of you how it is.


Notes from Domer Law:

I disagree with much of what Hoss says above. For starters, we should never be trying to emulate Virginia Tech in anything, including fan behavior.

But he asked me to post this, without editing, so here you go.

And I think the three fingers pointing back at you thing is ridiculous. It's up to the alumni and fans to keep the administration accountable for their actions, and I'm as vocal a fan as there is onSaturday afternoons. But when we lose every game we've played against opponents with winning records for the past two years, there is something wrong with the foundations of the program.

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