Friday, October 24, 2008

Keys to Victory: Willingham Edition

Here is my key to victory this week:


This is a horrible Washington football team that can't do anything right. They've got a lame duck coach, have lost their star player, and have no defense to speak of.

Now, when I say show up, I mean that this team needs to come out and play the same kind of football that they do in practice against the second string, 'cause that's about how good the Huskies are in Willingham Year 3. In fact, with Charlie's recruiting, our second team may even be better than Washington's #1 guys.

That said, this is the kind of game that it is far too easy for a team to look past. We have a tough Pittsburgh team rolling in to South Bend next week, and we have a long plane ride to get out there to Seattle. The guys have been off for a week, and might have some rust to knock off.

This team needs to come out and play smart football, taking care of the ball and executing within themselves.

I don't care what Willingham does to exhort his players, I don't care if they stole a copy of Coach Weis' playbook. There is NOTHING that this Washington team can do to beat Notre Dame this week. Nothing.

Only Notre Dame can beat Notre Dame this week.

Go Irish.

Notre Dame 45
Washington 0

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