Friday, September 26, 2008

Last minute Purdue Keys to Victory

The circus is coming to town!

Yep, it's that time of year for the baton twirlers, giant drums, and general goofiness that is Purdue football.

So, with only moments left before I start my weekend, I thought I'd share my keys to victory against the Boiler circus this weekend.

Keys are similar to MSU last week - contain Sheets and make Painter beat us. But a complete rehash would be boring, so I'm going to dig deeper.

Win the coverage battle on special teams.

Purdue has a pair of supremely talented kick returners, and we have the best gunner tandem in the country.

In a matchup of strength on strength, our ability to stop the Boilers for short returns in the kicking game will create a long field for the Boilers, which should bode well for us.

Failure here, and giving Purdue a short field, could make this a long day for the Irish.

Find a tight end to utilize on offense.

The Boilers have poor cover-linebackers, and every team they have faced this year has utilized the tight end to great effect against this defense.

However, the Irish are without Yeatman after his underage drinking arrest, and it looks like Luke Schmidt may not go due to some ongoing headaches which the training staff can't seem to figure out.

Kyle Rudolph has been hailed as a great receiving tight end, although he has been suspect in blocking (unsurprising for a true freshman). We need to utilize his speed in the passing game, and take advantage of the mismatches here.

Dink-and-dunk our way to victory.

The underneath routes should be available to the Irish receivers all day long, and Clausen needs to learn some patience in the passing game, throwing slants, screens, short outs, curls, and other underneath routes to soften the defense.

Once we have had some success in pulling the linebackers back from the line of scrimmage, we should be able to run the ball.

Then, once the safeties start cheating up against the run, there should be opportunities over the top to our deep threat, Golden Tate.

I'd particularly like to see us make some attempts to get the ball to Tate and Allen in space, where they can make something happen. A couple of jailbreak screens should do the trick.

I'll probably measure our success on this one with yards after catch.

Pressure SACK the QB.

We need to get some payoff from our attacking style of defense this week, and put Painter on his derriere this week. Play fundamental defense against Sheets, and keep him from gashing us, and focus our attention into getting to Painter once we get them into passing downs.

I want to see at least 3 sacks this game for us to rattle Painter and make the Boilers ineffective.

I want him hearing footsteps every time he touches the ball.

So there you have it, our keys to victory Saturday. I've been nothing short of prophetic thus far this season, so keep an eye on these four aspects of the game on Saturday - it will be the difference this week. Good or bad.


Anonymous said...

Do yo ever not blow your own horn?

tednict said...

Most of the blogs blow their own horn. I don't see any problem with what has been said on Domer Law Blog. He may be on target.

Wacko said...

I don't usually blow my own horn.

In fact, I usually utilize a self-deprecating humor to get my point across.

However, if you look over my keys to victory for the last couple of games, I have been right on the money.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the keys to victory. you are like a pro with all these predictions, i mean where do you come up with concepts like shut down the half back. or win the turnover battle. great stuff wacko. and congrats that you still have 3 people that still read your ramblings. oh, by the way CHARLIE WEIS IS A FAT FUCK.

Jared said...

Wow thanks 'anonymous' - I think your commentary added a lot of wonderful insight.

Also: 'fuck' isn't really a noun. If you want to make fun of Weis being fat, the better description would be 'fat fucker'.

As for the predictions Law, they were pretty solid. Rudolph had his breakout game both blocking and catching. The special teams battle gave us a huge field position advantage (I'll admit I was worried pre-game that we would give up a run back). If we got a single sack I didn't see it but at least we got in Painter's face a lot.

Great game, and hopefully something to build off of.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your "schooling" Jared.

Fuck is an English word that, as a verb, means "to have sexual intercourse". It is also a verb that means "to be cheated" ("I got fucked by a scam artist). As a noun it may describe a contemptible person (also fucker) or a sexual partner. It can be used as an interjection, and its participle fucking is sometimes used as a strong emphatic.

So Jared is a stupid fuck would be correct.