Saturday, August 16, 2008

Richard Jackson leaves Notre Dame

I was saddened to hear about the impending transfer of wide receiver Richard Jackson.

When Jackson arrived on campus, I watched him early on his freshman year, and was impressed by his natural talent and prototypical receiver physique and mannerisms.

However, Jackson struggled in learning the fundamentals of the wide receiver position, which was further hampered by lingering injuries.

He has decided to transfer closer to home, officially for personal reasons. However, his place on the depth chart surely had something to do with his decision.

Because of the stellar recruiting, Jackson was staring at the backsides of Grimes, Kamara, Parris, Tate, and West. While he had worked his way up into the third string spot at X receiver, he was behind everyone in the classes ahead or immediately behind him, with only freshman pushing him. And Floyd has reportedly passed him already, although Floyd is listed as a Z receiver.

While Jackson's transfer is a signal of VERY good things for the Irish going forward, I am sad that he was never able to develop into the receiver he has the potential to be. With his natural ability, I'm sure he will be a starter sooner rather than later at his new school, wherever that may be.

I wish Mr. Jackson nothing but the best, and hope that his experience at Notre Dame will serve him well in the future.

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