Sunday, May 11, 2008

More accusations of NCAA violations at USC

Although it is a different sport, there is a major story brewing in Southern Cal, where allegations are surfacing that many of the same types of benefits that have chased former Trojan Reggie Bush into the pros are now being alleged about USC basketball star O.J. Mayo. ESPN is reporting that O.J. Mayo may have taken cash and gifts at USC during his one year at the school.

This allegation comes on the heels of the allegations surrounding Reggie Bush in football. Taken together, there appears to be a growing pattern of abuse of NCAA regulations in Southern Cal. I'm not going to speculate too much on this at this time, but USC had better take a close look at its athletic department, as there are clear hints of a lack of institutional control.


toolfan666 said...

Since no one reads this blog I will post something. I found this while googling Charlie Wiess sucks. My computer started to smoke processing all the matches.
Michigan wins 38-0

Notre Dame just got shutout by Michigan's worst team in recent memory and Irish fans plz don't give me that bull**bleep** excuse about Clausen being a freshman because Michigan was also starting a freshman in his first game ever! The score of the game could have been far worse then 38-0 if not for Lloyd Carr being such a nice guy and not wanting to rub it in the 2nd half. After this i can honestly say Charlie Weiss sucks and is the most overrated coach in history... how can this so called "offensive genius" not be able to figure out how to score a TD on a Michigan defense that gave up 30 points to a division I-AA team

Hoss said...

What does that have to do with what the bloggers current post. Quit living in the past. What exactly do you know about anything. Go back to worshipping the devil, toolfan666, cause no one here gives a rats ass about your opinion.

toolfan666 said...

Are you a fat, dumb, redneck Hoss? Put a question mark after your questions.