Monday, November 05, 2007


I needed a bit of perspective to get myself moving this morning, and an e-mail from an old friend provided that this morning. I thought I'd share the bit that cheered me up:

"It took the catastrophic, systemic, once in a generation (and possibly, and God willing, once in a lifetime) IMPLOSION of Notre Dame for Navy to manage to snap that 43 game losing streak--in 3 overtimes."

The world still feels... wrong... but at least the room has stopped spinning.


Anonymous said...

hahaha. your team is 1-8 now. Why don't you join a real conference such as SEC, Pac-10 or Big Ten and see how you would do? Your 1-8 record is in the independent conference which is even worse. pathetic.

Gwar420 said...

You are an idiot, anonymous. Go back and look at the rankings and W-L records of the teams ND has played. ND historically has one of the toughest schedules in college football on a regular basis. Georgia Tech? Boston College? Michigan? USC? All elite caliber teams. Take your hahaha and shove it up your ignorant..... Also, there is no independent conference. Schools are either independent or in a conference. The only thing that's really pathetic here is your understanding of college football. Why don't you go find a peewee football blog. Maybe you could have a chance against the intellectual giants in the third grade. Maybe you should have gone back and gotten your GED?

Anonymous said...

you forgot to list Navy. by the way Gwar sucks, and maybe you have smoked one too many bong rips. i can't believe that a Gwar fan/420 pot smoker has the energy to get up for Notre Dame football. Aren't you tired after delivering all those pizzas the night before?

David said...
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