Monday, June 18, 2007

Suggestion for Kevin White

I was reading a message board posting on today, where someone suggested that we add cantilevered seats on the east side of the stadium. I thought this was a horrible idea. However, with Juniper Road closing down, I think there may be something to another poster's idea - luxury boxes.

If done right, this can add some revenue generation to the stadium without resorting to tacky advertisements or Jumbotrons.

I took a couple of minutes with Paint, and made a crude drawing of how this might look:

I really like the idea, I think it adds to the grandeur of the stadium, without becoming tacky. It doesn't block the view of Touchdown Jesus, and It can be tastefully done to match the rest of the stadium facade. Indeed, the other side of the stadium (with the press box) could undergo a similar expansion, allowing for more luxury boxes on that side as well. Think of this as being similar to the old Soldier Field facade (before they crashed a spaceship into it).

I think they should take it even a step further, expanding the construction towards the JACC and moving the Monogram Room from it's existing spot in-between the domes of the JACC into a building that connects to the stadium. During the offseason, it could serve as a sort of Notre Dame football museum. On game day, they could creatively use the space as a grand entranceway.

Other arenas and stadiums have some impressive entryways, with grand lobbies that pay homage to the history and tradition of the program. For example, there is a great section of the Conseco Fieldhouse which chronicles the history of Indiana basketball.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: A ND architecture major made a much better, more professional rendering of what this might look like. The pictures are available on the Rock Report here.


KeenanIrish08 said...

I have to say your enthusiasm about luxury boxes worries me. Im currently a student at ND and the idea of putting in boxes runs counter to everything I hold sacred about ND football. ND is the last true unspoiled stadium, college or otherwise, in America. Adding boxes would be a big and dangerous step in the direction toward the corperatized steril stadiums around the country. ND football does not need that. Nor does it really need the income, and while it might sound nice to have it, the fact is that neither does ND(please see size of endowment and the value of the program according to Forbes).
If you want an example of how boxes runined one of america's great stadiums please see Soldier feild. It went from a truly classic land mark to a half cocked spaceship with 5 STORIES of boxes, and lord knows KW will want at least 4 stories at ND.
What makes the ND football experince unique is the fact that it is still about FOOTBALL in the truest sense of the word. Yeah the bench seats are tight(not that it should matter you should be standing anyway) but thats part of IT. the last thing ND needs is more fatcats who dont cheer and clap polietly while sipping thier tea.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I think we are in good shape on the grandure side, Touchdown Jesus and a Gold Plated Dome are pretty grand. What would make the stadium grad is a louder crowd and a few more wins.

Wacko said...

As a recent ND grad, I share your love of the unspoiled nature of ND football.

However, luxury boxes don't take away from the game. If anything, it gets the "fatcats who dont (sic) cheer and clap polietly (sic) while sipping their tea" out of the good seats and moves them inside. This allows for more vocal fans to use the other seats in the stadium, adding to the crowd noise and gameday atmosphere.

Soldier field wasn't ruined by the luxury boxes - it was ruined by the spaceship they crashed into it and the Jumbotron mentality of the entire renovation.

Look again at the designs drawn up by the ND architecture student, and then tell me with a straight face that that is on par with the travesty that is now Soldier Field.

I'm not saying we should get rid of the bench seats or add tiered seating that would ruin the mystique of the stadium. In fact, the addition of luxury boxes is almost indistinguishable from the existing press box.

By the way, as a Notre Dame student, could you please represent our University a little better by using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar when posting on my site? Chat-speak is not a legitimate form of communication, and I won't put up with it from a Notre Dame man.