Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I passed.

It's official. The University of Notre Dame is going to give ME a Juris Doctor degree. I passed all of this semester's classes, and near as I can tell, I actually did it.

Tonight was the 3L dinner, which was a lot of fun. I got a rousing reception when I won the 3L superlative award for "most likely to get into trouble for playing video games at work." I really worked hard to earn this honor, and from all accounts I won it in a landslide.

About two weeks into law school, a fellow student (IIRC it was Ryan Bradel) stopped me after class to ask me to stop playing video games during class, as it was distracting. It didn't take.

In fact, Toni Mardirossian (a fellow graduating 3L) admitted that for the first half of law school, she didn't even know my name - I was simply "The Gamer."

I was up for three awards - video games, biggest Notre Dame fan, and Most Likely to Stay in South Bend.

Despite all of my attempts to secure employment in South Bend (as yet unsuccessfully), the Most Likely to Stay in South Bend Award ironically went to a fellow student who TURNED DOWN his South Bend job offer at Barnes & Thornburg, electing instead to go to Europe next year - a long way from the 'Bend.

The "Biggest Notre Dame Fan" award went to Sarah Wake, a Double Domer who could go toe-to-toe with me on outrageous gameday outfits and obsessive love of all things Notre Dame. However, my ND football blog, recent tattoo and Spring Game 30 days party weren't enought to push me over the edge.

For those of you waiting with baited breath, my sappy "I graduated from Notre Dame" post is coming soon. I promise a tear-jerker for all.


Northen Belle said...

Rob and I wouldn't have missed all tweleve hours of graduation on Sunday for the world. The universe, maybe...

Mary's Religious Thought said...

Neil, I think that an update on what you're doing now is in order. Love, Mom