Saturday, April 07, 2007

With the 6th overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft, the Washington Redskins select

Brady Quinn?

I just finished reading this article on ESPN, and they asked Brady the following question:

What teams have you met with so far?
Quinn: The Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Browns.

Those of you that know me, know that I am a HUGE Washington Redskins fan, having grown up in Vienna, VA just outside of DC (home of Joe Theismann's restaurant, where I met him once when I was really little - I wish I could meet him again someday...).

And on NDNation's message board, when someone asked what NFL team would be the best fit for Brady Quinn, regardless of draft position, my opinion was that the Washington Redskins are the best fit.

The Redskins are loaded at receiver, with four players that have been the #1 or #2 player at that position in the past few years with another team. Santana Moss - New York Jets, Antwaan Randle El - Pittsburgh Steelers, James Thrash - Washington Redskins, and Brandon Lloyd - San Francisco 49ers.

The Redskins have exactly the type of tight end that Brady is used to throwing to in Chris Cooley.

The Redskins have a great running game which will take a lot of pressure off of the QB, and an excellent line that will give him time to throw.

The defense (unlike the Irish defense Brady is used to) is good enough to keep them in every game.

All they have been missing for the past few years is a quarterback. Brunell is way past his prime, and I'm still not sold on Jason Campbell. Brady Quinn could walk right in and start from day 1.

And if they did land Brady, I would bet that they would launch themselves to the top of the NFC East, and be a Superbowl winner within three years.

Unfortunately, the smart money right now is on Brady going to the Cleveland Browns with the 3rd overall pick. If the Redskins want him (and dear God I hope they do), they should trade up, probably with the Lions, to get him.

The Redskins don't seem to want to stay where they are at #6, having offered the pick to the Bears in exchange for linebacker Lance Briggs. The smart money for the Redskins among the draft gurus is for them to take Gaines Adams or some similar acquisition to shore up their pass rush.

However, Dan Snyder doesn't like the smart money. He likes to move all in, taking big risks. And he likes the publicity of the big moves as well (remember the Portis-Champ deal?).

Don't count out the Skins in the Brady Quinn lottery. The last QB they picked out of Notre Dame worked out pretty well. This one could, too.

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Hoss said...

For that I might convert. Hail to the redskins hail victory. Braves on the warpath fight for ole d.c.
But that is the last time i will post this on this blog