Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Replumbing the Chicago Pipeline

With Corwin Brown having been on the staff only a few days, his impact on Chicago recruiting is already paying dividends.

Chicago's Public League, which used to send all of it's best athletes to Notre Dame, had fallen out of favor with the Irish under Davie and Willingham. Recently, Martez Wilson, the top defensive line product from the CPL, chose Illinois over Notre Dame in a heated recruiting battle. With Corwin Brown in the fold, suddenly Notre Dame is winning these battles, with the commitment of running back Robert Hughes, another recruit that came down to Notre Dame - Illinois.

And I expect that Coach Weis will make it Corwin Brown's responsibility to see to it that the days of ND losing Chicago recruiting battles with Illinois are over. I'm not sure what kind of wacky-tabacky Zook is selling over there in Illinois (and I'm not sure how Kyle McAlarney got his hands on it), but the recent recruiting surge by Illinois has kept Notre Dame's recruiting class this year from vaulting from top 5 to consensus #1.

Former Public League player Corwin Brown is already working on changing that. Only days into his tenure at Notre Dame, is crediting Rob Ianello AND Corwin Brown with the recruitment success of Robert Hughes.

I'm not a big fan of going after a kid that is committed to another school generally, but I hope that Corwin and Rob call MArtez again, just to see if he might change his mind after the new hire.

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