Friday, October 06, 2006


Now that Notre Dame has finally passed the brutal test that was the first 5 games of the schedule, the Irish can finally take the chance to feast on the weak part of their schedule, while the other top teams finally start to play people other than Cupcake U.

For example, the mighty Florida State Seminoles played unranked NC State last night, and lost a close game 24-20. Some other top teams finally get their first challenge this week as well. Florida-LSU. Oklahoma-Texas. California-Oregon. Tennessee-Georgia.

Even the top teams that aren't playing ranked teams are finally going against conference opponents that won't just roll over. Auburn plays a spunky Arkansas team. Georgia Tech takes on Maryland. Michigan takes on in-state rival Michigan State.

Now, the Irish just have to play their game, and wait for the teams ahead to fall like flies as they battle through their conference schedules.

Final Score:

Notre Dame 56
Stanford 6

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Northen Belle said...

So I almost made Horn completely upset by buying tickets from a co-worker for the game (20 yd line). Luckily for our relationship, they were already gone. Go IRISH!