Sunday, September 24, 2006

Classless U Spartans

While Coach Weis was over singing the alma mater with his team before jogging into the locker room, Coach John "Loser" Smith was worried about Coach Weis being as classless as he is, sending out his players to "guard" the 50 yard line.

There have been several completely unsubstantiated rumors, completely without proof of any kind, that Notre Dame planted a flag at Michigan State a couple of years ago. However, I find these rumors difficult to believe, as it seems like post-game celebrations always get snapped by some photographer. There are lots of pictures (and video) of MSU planting the flag last year. And none of Notre Dame ever planting a flag at MSU. Even MSU's "guarding" got snapped by someone.

The fact that MSU thought that Coach Weis would stoop to their level is exactly why the Spartans lost this game.

They underestimated their opponent.

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