Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It be talk like a pirate day today, matey. And I'll be doin' me preview of the Spartans of Michigan State in pirate speak, if it do ya.

The Spartans'll be swabbin the deck of their football field on Staurday afternoon tryin' to clean the bloodletting from the cutlasses of the Irishmen on Saturday night. Captain Weis will right the ship, let out the sails, and set a course for victory after the Wolverine storm last week left the Notre Dame ship lilting a bit to starboard.

Avast, ye scaliwags of Lansing, for the pinpoint sharpshooting of Brady Quinn will lay low the Spartan defensive backs.

The Irish defense will take no quarter, and by the end of regulation Drew Stanton will be begging for parley.

But parley will be no solace from the incessant pounding of Darius Walker, wearing down the Spartan defense like the waves wearing at the shore.

John L Smith will be overrun by the Weis gameplan, and it'll be to the plank with any of the Spartan's futile efforts.

The Irish will battle to regain the respect they lost in the battle against a formidable opponent last week, and Michigan State's season will be relegated to their traditional place - Davey Jones' locker.

"Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" will be the singing of the Irish faithful next week, as the Irish count their booty and celebrate their plundering revenge against the state of Michigan.


Notre Dame 42
Michigan State 17


Brendan said...

Love the pirate post... wish I'd seen this yesterday, I would have linked it. Might still. Arrr. :)

On an unrelated note, check out the rainbow over the Dome this morning:


Brendan said...

Er, that's try that again...

Check out the rainbow over the Dome this morning.