Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Oklahoma's Starting QB Bomar released from team

Due to egregious violations of NCAA rules, Oklahoma's starting quarterback Rhett Bomar (and one other player, the starting right guard) was released from the team today. Read the official story here.

Bomar accepted a job at the Bid Red Sports car dealership in Norman (did the name of the dealership throw up any red flags for people? there aren't any fightin' irish lexus dealers here in the Bend...) where he worked approximately 5 hours per week, but was paid over $18,000 last year, largely for hours claimed that he did not work.

This is a classic example of the kind of egregious abuses by major college football teams that have led to SMU's program death penalty and Alabama's major sanctions. Oklahoma's "internal investigation" broke this story and dismissed the two players.

This was the same dealership that almost created some controversy earlier this summer with an unauthorized extended test drive of a lexus to starting tailback and Heisman hopeful Adrian Petersoon (according to rumor on message boards). There is some rumor that Peterson may be implicated in this investigation as well, but there are no confirmed sources that have said anything about Peterson's involvement.

This is the kins of thing that can destroy a football team, and Oklahoma's preseason aspirations to compete for a national title are no longer viable. Adrian Peterson has the talent to carry this team, but cannot win a championship without a viable passing game.

The depth behind Bomar is weak. There is one player that has some on-field experience, but he has been practicing at wide receiver since Bomar was named the starter. They have a juco transfer and a freshman as well. Not to mentiion the leadership that this team has lost.

Also, despite this being self-reported by Oklahoma, the almost certain NCAA investigation that would follow will very likely result in some very serious sanctions for the Oklahoma football program. In particular, Oklahoma may get diinged for lack of institutional control, as this was a violation by two starters at an organization that has had problems in the past with alleged violations.

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