Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lessons on Journalsim

For Weinke, Carroll, and Hamnick - please take note of this article, written be a REAL journalist, as an example of how to criticize Coach Weis.

Exhibit #1: QUOTES!!!
" 'Am I happy with his X's and O's? The answer is yes, without question,' said one prominent Notre Dame booster who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal from Weis. 'How could I not be? But am I happy with how he has treated some key alumni and supporters like myself? No. He has treated some of us horribly. He has already alienated some boosters, alumni, members of the athletic department and others around him. He at times can be arrogant, moody and nasty.' "

You see? He didn't have to name the source, but he clearly has one, and does not fall back on generalizations. And he quotes Coach Weis. And Robert Kraft, Weis' former boss (see below).

Exhibit #2: Balance
" 'I think he's an awesome coach,' said Patriots owner Robert Kraft. 'We won three Super Bowls and Charlie was a big reason why. He will make Notre Dame a winner. The school is very lucky to have him. They should cherish him.'"
Oh, and this is another quote. From a real source that actually has a legitimate opinion. Also, the writer points out that while some people have been rubbed the wrong way by Weis' attitude, there are also bunches of people that love everything Weis stands for.

Exhibit #3: Integrity
" The alumnus I spoke to tells of stories of booster clubs being snubbed by Weis and his staff and lower level athletic department officials being treated with a lack of respect. Since it is difficult to verify these stories, they will not be repeated. But the booster insists he is not being overly sensitive and he is not alone in his feelings."
This reporter heard some stories that he thought might be damaging, but chose to display some integrity and NOT report unfounded and baseless accusations that lack corroboration.

Do I agree with the writer of this article, that Coach Weis is gruff and is burning bridges?


Do I respect his integrity in writing a well-researched and properly corraborated story? You bet.

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